1pcs Plastic #mold for paving slabs concrete

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Hard ABS Plastic molds for paving slabs concrete “Kaunas”

for paving Plaster Stone Tiles Paving Slabs

Hard Plastic mold for paving slabs from concrete

price for 1pcs

Size: 300*300*30mm

11pcs in 1 sq meter

Molds can use from 500 cycles of the fill.


On the face of the molds formed of large stone.

Form produced by the method of injection molding with ribs of a special plastic and designed for the production technology marble from concrete.
Not recommended for transportation of filled moulds in the process of hardening of concrete. When using low-quality cement, it is recommended periodic cleaning of the form from the sticky concrete. Prohibited cleaning of the moulds from concrete by a dry method.
Color plastic forms depends on the presence of the dye in the plastic and can change.


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